Our investors are not institutions.  They are people we have known for some time, if not decades.  In fact, we prefer to get to know businesses in depth and forge strong relationships with owners and management before we present them to our investors.   zWe offer the following services to your company:

Market Research

Do you wish you had more information about an adjacent market?   Do you wish you knew more about what your customers really think and what they really need?   Our experience evaluating markets and customer relationships can deliver insight that will help you grow your business.

Organic and Acquisitive Growth Strategies

Before we got started investing, every member of our team planned and executed growth strategies for start-ups and large established businesses.  We can help you identify and evaluate market opportunities that include new market entry, geographic expansion, application development, new product development and strategic acquisitions.   These efforts can have an out-sized effect on your business.  For example, the organic growth strategy we developed for a heavy equipment manufacturer doubled the business in 5 years and tripled its value.

Business Development

We identify, screen and evaluate companies as part of our job.  Our collective market experience and exposure spans most B2B businesses.  If you are looking for a particular company or technology to round out your company, we can help you find it, provide the introduction and help with every stage to complete the transaction.  


Need help thinking through a problem?  We can serve as informal advisors or board members.   Our team has served on the boards of companies whose size ranged from pre-revenue tech start-ups to $80+ million industrial manufacturers.  Industries served include Heavy Equipment, Clean-Tech, Electronics, Instrumentation, Industrial Distribution, Material Handling, Gaming, Business Services, Aerospace, Building Products, Education, Defense, Consumer Packaged Goods, Science and Sports. Each one of us has served in interim and permanent roles as C-level leaders of a wide variety of businesses.

Preparing Your Company For Sale

Few people go to the same effort to account for their own money that they do for others.  Many of the problems you have learned to live with might turn off a buyer.  Accepting other people’s money and bringing a new owner on board can challenge a company’s day-to-day operations.   It helps to have processes and systems in place that naturally demonstrate good stewardship of resources.  Our experiences in small companies and startups have sensitized us to these challenges without blinding us to their impacts.  If you need help, we can happily provide it.

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