Our Name

Following the Age of Discovery, when maritime interests evolved away from exploration and toward sustainable commerce, sailors found themselves challenged by the difficulty of determining their location in the open ocean. Latitude was relatively easy. The problem lay in determining a ship’s position east or west of some known point (longitude).

Meridian 105 - Our NameWe chose the name “Meridian” for our organization because we see a similarity between the difficulties faced by historic navigators and today’s businesses. Both are charged with safeguarding valuable property on a journey from Point A to Point B. Like the historic mariners, management has partial information.  Our name “Meridian”, and our logo, represent our appreciation for business cycles as well as the hazards of nature.   With our perspective and our tools, we can help companies identify their location relative to a “business prime meridian” and help them maximize their value and growth potential.

We learned early on that the most sustainable way to reach your destination safely and efficiently is through the art of sailing – levering the wind and the environment to your advantage so that you can work with, instead of against, nature. We see similar opportunities in the businesses we work with.

“105” is our prime meridian in Denver, Colorado, along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Historically it has been a home for pioneers and a debarkation point for explorers. Now, in the age of information, its high altitude, crisp dry air, sunshine and location in the center of the U.S. have made it a strategic location for space exploration, global communications and others who look to influence the world around them.