Our Company and Yours

Growth is good…
except when the “high class” problem of strong growth hurts loyal customers and damages the brand.

Investment in growth is also good…
except when it distracts from focus on those critical few opportunities that will define your business for years to come.

Challenge is good…
except when it puts your team beyond its capability to deliver and results in failure.

Our team excels at building, growing and reinforcing businesses.  We focus on growth that brings in new customers, while deepening relationships with existing customers.  We look for realistic challenges that stretch, but don’t snap management.  This balanced strategy results in core business durability and the sustainable, profitable growth on which legacies are built.


Our team excels at:

  • Strategic / Operating Leadership
  • Efficient Evaluation of Investments
  • Transaction Expertise
  • Focus and Experience

Our working relationship is defined by collaboration, information and process.  We will strive to complement the efforts of you and your team and help you work on your business without losing sight of what’s happening in your business.

Partnership is a word that infers equality and balance.   We believe in the give and take of collegiality and competence that moves a team forward.  We don’t need to be in charge to win.

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